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Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting: Simplify Success

Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting is a nationally recognized leader in business valuation, physician compensation, performance improvement and compliance support. Pinnacle solves complex challenges by applying real-world expertise, industry insight, and innovative thinking to create dramatic results for our clients and partners.

While Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting specializes in valuation services and financial analysis, our broad range of experience enables us to take on the most complex consulting engagements. Our focused consulting services include:

Introducing: Strategic & Operational Services

Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting announces the addition of Anthony Long, FACHE, FACCA,CAMMA and William Cherry, CHE to lead its new Strategy and Operations division as principals in the firm. This expansion significantly enhances Pinnacle's breadth of services as a trusted advisor to hospitals and other health organizations around the country. With background in both hospital leadership and management consulting, Anthony Long and Bill Cherry possess innovative perspectives on the strategies necessary for health care organization financial and operational success. Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting's new strategic and operational services include:

• Hospital / Physician Alignment 
• Strategic Business Planning
• Specialty Service Line Development
• Financial / Reimbursement Enhancement
• Supply Chain Cost Reduction
• Operational Efficiency & Improvement
• Leadership Development & Management Support

Hospital / Physician Alignment
Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting provides a structured approach to identifying models, structure(s) recommendations, financial analysis, due diligence and project management for hospital / physician alignment.

Strategic Business Planning
Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting's strategic and operational services both develop and provide clients with a clear and compelling direction for the entire enterprise, specific entity, or specific services.

Specialty Service Line Development
Competition within high profile service lines continues to increase. As a result, a well organized business unit is critical for success. Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting's specialty service line development supports these business units to ensure that service lines are organized, governed and operated in a matter that allows for successful competition.

Financial / Reimbursement Enhancement
Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting's financial / reimbursement enhancement evaluates service locations, technology options and coding to determine the efficiency of client financial organization.

Supply Chain Cost Reduction
Specialty services such as cardiovascular, orthopedic and neuroscience utilize high-dollar clinical devices and supplies. If these devices are not properly managed, it can result in financial losses for services that are responsible for a provider's positive bottom line. Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting's strategic and operational service evaluates current expenditures, identifies opportunities, provides an organizational structure for negotiations, and facilitates the negations process to ensure savings are achieved with ongoing support.

Operational Efficiency & Improvement
Successful health care organizations require efficiency in provided services and care delivery. Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting's strategic operational services assess work flow evaluation, staffing, physician interaction and key metrics to determine current efficiency and opportunities for improvement.

Leadership Development & Management Support
In many key clinical departments, there is a shortage of experienced leaders. This can result in leadership challenges and potential market loss. Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting and its staff provide on-site and off-site support to key leaders to ensure service lines are being managed in a way that increases their efficiency.


Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting: Healthcare Valuation Services

Fair Market Value (FMV) Opinions
Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting performs FMV reviews of over 300 physician service arrangements per year for clients that range from large, multi-state health systems to independent physician practices. Our extensive database of hospital-physician relationships can be quickly tapped to evaluate a range of client transaction needs, accelerating the physician contracting process and eliminating unnecessary compliance costs.

• Buy Sell Transactions 
• Joint Venture Transactions
• Litigation Support & Expert Witness
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Special Consulting / Due Diligence

Business & Strategic Valuation Services
Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting specializes in healthcare business valuations for buy-sell and joint venture (JV) transactions. We provide valuation services that support transactional healthcare fair market value (FMV) requirements with a process that includes:

• Detailed Situational Assessments
• In-depth Fact-finding & Interviews
• Market Analysis
• Extensive Financial Modeling
• Rigorous Valuation Methodologies

Our knowledge of the broader healthcare industry adds valuable insight to the risks and benefits of either a sale or acquisition. We ensure that you enter a transaction fully informed.

Fair Value for Financial Reporting (FAS Compliance)
Pinnacle provides a potent combination of in-depth healthcare industry knowledge with a strong understanding of the nuances and best practices surrounding fair value in a GAAP reporting environment, including purchase price allocations, intangible asset and goodwill impairment testing, not-for-profit entities, and other assets, liabilities and equity securities.

• Purchase Price Allocations
• Intangible Asses & Goodwill
• Impairment Testing
• Equity Securities
• Off-balance Sheet Transactions


Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting: Physician Compensation

Physician Compensation / Stark Compliance
Stark Law and Anti-kickback compliance are some of the most challenging issues in physician compensation today. Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting can conduct a full audit of your billing and compensation process to determine the effectiveness of your Medicare and IRS compliance efforts. We are adept at working with counsel and financial managers to identify problem areas and create compliant billing, compensation and compliance solutions. Our consultants have also supported a number of Stark self-disclosure audits to assist hospital management and counsel in conducting internal investigations and preparing reports to government authorities.

Physician Compensation / Productivity Analysis
Refine and reinforce your approach to physician compensation with pay and productivity analysis from Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting. Be confident that your compensation methods and contracts produce results, achieve your goals, and are backed by impartial market intelligence.


Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting: Coding & Audit
Billing / Coding Audits
Effective billing / coding practices mean more than optimized revenue; they can mean the difference between compliance and fraud. Our in-depth, first-hand knowledge and expertise can help you enhance both revenue and compliance.

Coding & Documentation Audits
Regular coding and documentation audits provide an opportunity for uncovering unbilled revenue and coding deficiencies. Our audits help identify compliance and revenue risk as well as complement compliance efforts for both Medicare and private payers. Find out if your physician's coding is supported according to correct coding guidelines, documentation and distribution.

Reimbursement Optimization
Collect the money that is owed. Ensure that all services provided are billed and at the correct level through detailed reimbursement reviews.

Electronic Health Record Template
Maximize the efficiency of your current EHR templates with coding techniques that ensure efficiency with maximum documentation.

Utilization Analysis
Medicare uses physician utilization information to target for audits. Compare a physician’s utilization with others in their specialty. Pinnacle can assist with this high level analysis of physician productivity and help evaluate revenue and compliance risk.

Coding Services (Assistive Coding)
Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting provides short-term, interim and long-term coding services for a variety of specialties. Our cost effective solutions help any size health system or group utilize internal resources and maximize coding efficiency and productivity.

Physician Education
Focused education that bolsters knowledge and improves skills for any physician. Pinnacle has expertise in physician education for specialties and specific topics.

Independent Compliance / Revenue Risk Assessment
Compliance and revenue risk assessment is a vital step for hospital and physician integration. Pinnacle can help you discover coding and documentation needs as well as evaluate compliance and revenue risks before or after physician acquisition. 

RAC & External Audits 
Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting can help organizations prepare for government audits and help protect valuable revenue.

Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting: Strategy - Analysis & Development

Hospital / Physician Strategy Development
The rapidly changing healthcare environment is again pushing hospitals and physicians to streamline care delivery methods. Pinnacle helps devise strategies and operational solutions to create high performing, integrated organizations. Importantly, we have the ability to partner with health systems to create and manage the necessary infrastructure to successfully operate integrated practices.

Market Research & Strategic Analysis

A successful healthcare business needs clear, detailed strategies and a deep knowledge of your specific business environment. We help hospitals and physician practices develop innovative and sound solutions that improve performance and business development.

Financial Analysis & Planning
Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting brings a balanced perspective to business valuation, needs assessments, and feasibility in all financial transactions involving physician practices or ancillary clinics. We have extensive experience in dialysis clinics but can offer our real-world expertise to anyone looking to add physicians, acquire practices, create unique professional service arrangements and more.

Group Formation & Mergers
Launching a group is a complex process but one we've completed many times. Our proven project management plan helps create or integrate individual practices, form a smaller group from a larger one, or add physicians to hospital integration initiatives. Plus, once we've helped create your group, we can provide on-going practice management services to get your doors open as quickly as possible.

Healthcare Association Strategy & Analysis
Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting partners currently sit on the board or advisory panels of several healthcare associations and have worked internally at some leading organizations. If your association needs experienced guidance on membership, management, or strategic issues, we can help with project engagements, executive retreats, industry research and more.

New Physician / New Manager Education
We can help physicians and staff better understand the business of healthcare. In fact, we regularly teach residents at hospitals, demonstrating effective management techniques for running successful practices. If you have new hires, position them to succeed with our training programs.

Health Plan Contract Analysis / Negotiation
Make sure your payer contracts support your business and financial goals. Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting will profile your clinical activities and ensure proper coding to establish equitable contract terms and management systems. It's a crucial part of bottom line success. 

Physician Practice Assessment
Master the key operational, financial and strategic systems needed for physician practice success. Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting works for hospital and physician practice managers. We evaluate processes and performance against industry best practices and recommend business-building improvements.